Your Fortune and fortune position in 2017 – Chinese metaphysics

Fengshui is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing and balancing with the surrounding environment according to Taoism. It belongs to the Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics, which is Mountain (Diet, physical health, meditation and self-healing), Medicine (All form of Traditional Chinese Medicine), Life (Chinese Astrology), Divination (Analysis to reveal one’s path and future) and Appearance (Palmistry, Face Reading and Feng Shui).

“Yun Cheng” instead of “Life” literally means the fortune journey of a year. “Feng Shui” is the study of Appearance, including Feng Shui for Burial (Yin) and for the living environment (Yang).

Every year before the Chinese New Year (Lunar Calendar January 1st), Chinese fortune teller or Feng Shui masters will begin to forecast people’s fortune and tell them how they should decorate their houses in order to avoid bad lucks and welcome the good ones.

Mak Ling Ling is a popular fortune teller and Feng Shui Master among Hong Kong and Cantonese area. To believe it or not, here is some interesting information from her about Feng Shui and Yun Cheng in 2017.

Feng Shui

Position of Fortune

Every year the position of fortune is different. This year is at the East, for decoration, this position should put something golden.

Position of love

This year is in the middle of the house, which should be placed with flowers – Real flowers (Fake flowers can only bring to bad relationship).

Position of prosperity

Prosperity includes study, exams and career. The position is at North-east, which should be placed with computer, or keyboard and plants with water.

Position of joy

For those who want to marry or have kids this year, the position is at the South-east, which should be placed with something in red color.

Yun Cheng of the 12 zodiacal animals

Check how 2017 the year of rooster is going to be according to your animals:


Congratulations! This year monkey will have good relationships, and more likely to fall in love. However, your career will have some difficulties which need to be handled carefully. Apart from working hard, monkey needs to take care of their health, especially stomach and liver.


Lots of challenges in aspect of career, sheep needs to be careful of enemies and fraud in working environment. Also, sheep will face loss of money, so it is necessary to cut spending to prepare unexpected loss. Health is not ideal both physically and mentally. Relationship is fragile and easy to set apart.


This year has lot of luck regarding to work, study, fortune and relationship! For old people, just needs be careful to health, especially heart and liver problems.


Snake is not that lucky this year as the fortune is block. Be careful of bad working relationship with colleagues, loss of money such as bad investment, gambling or robbery, and health issues especially liver and lung. Avoid being self-centered and trying to communicate more with others.


Career or exams will be smoothly upward and achieve a lot if dragon works hard. Fortune is also boosting, especially suitable for investment or self-entrepreneurship. Avoid cigarette and alcohol, especially drugs. Dragons are likely to meet someone they like.


Rabbit needs to be careful as fortune is not good. Lots of difficulties when facing working relationship while will likely to meet someone to help. Avoid huge investment and be careful of nerve issues. However, relationship can be satisfied.


Congratulations to all the luck to tigers! This year relationship in working is smooth and will improve creativity and working ability a lot. Luck covers tiger and they will more likely to gain great fortune but be careful of loss of money spending.


Be careful of scams and frauds, and avoid lawsuits, settle by arbitration and negotiation if possible. Except that, career and fortune is quite great. For health, avoid infectious diseases. For relationship, be careful of mistresses.


Although there are some difficulties for career, just focus on your part and let alone other gossips. Fortune will be stable but be careful of scams. Rat will be hard to focus, therefore, they need to take good rest and be cautious of accidences. Relationship will likely be happy.


Pig tends to have bad fortune this year as pressure from higher authorities. Avoid conflicts, especially while taking care of signing law documents and sales contracts. Be careful of checking financial spending before signing any contracts. With work pressure, pig’s health issue and relationship is not ideal, needs to take a vacation.


Dogs may not have great fortune this year and more likely to be scammed, but if working hard can also solve puzzles. Although dog cannot gain great fortune, relationships are extremely boosting. Be careful of alcohol and too much involve into joy, needs to take care of health problems.


Rooster will lose great fortune, so avoid huge investment and saving money. Be careful of outdoor adventures, will more likely to be in danger. Relationship is not so good, more likely to be alone.

Happy Chinese New Year to all of you, no metter your “animal”. D’Andrea &Partners team  wish you all have good fortune through the whole year! For any emergency during the break, please write to