D’Andrea & Partners Legal Counsel boasts an experienced team of legal practitioners who possess a wealth of knowledge in both judicial litigation and arbitration. Our attorneys at law are members of the relevant bar associations worldwide, which affords them a profound understanding of the latest legal precedents and the ability to evaluate the evidence presented by our clients.

Our local lawyers and partners are a formidable team that can assist clients with any dispute, whether it be based in the local courts of the jurisdiction or in any of the major international arbitration centers across the globe. Additionally, our firm has a presence in various countries, including China, India, Italy, the UAE, and Vietnam. Our attorneys at law are equipped to represent our clients and provide our services in multiple languages.

As an expert in international arbitration, D’Andrea & Partners Legal Counsel collaborates with law firms internationally to accompany our clients in any court or arbitration proceedings worldwide. We offer legal services in corporate, finance and commerce, M&A, intellectual property rights, and labor law disputes.

Our legal experts place great importance on the pre-trial phases, particularly negotiation out of court, to secure the best possible protection of our clients’ rights. Our firm strives to avoid costly litigation processes, where amicable and favorable solutions for our clients are possible.

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