Over the years, D’Andrea & Partners Legal Counsel has learned the expertise in guiding clients through insolvency procedures, steering them towards successful restructurings. We extend our services not only to companies facing challenging circumstances but also to investors seeking opportunities to acquire distressed businesses or specific assets within them.

Navigating financial difficulties can be a difficult challenge for any entrepreneur. At D’Andrea & Partners, our team of attorneys is committed to standing by our client’s side—not just during prosperous times but also amidst financial crises.

D’Andrea & Partners’ legal support to companies facing bankruptcy includes:

  • Strategic guidance on the optimal path for bankruptcy filings and handling the process;
  • Legal representation in court when necessary;
  • Negotiations with creditors’ committees;
  • Assistance with all internal procedures throughout the bankruptcy proceedings until the company’s liquidation.

Companies often find themselves in a difficult financial situation when their debt burden becomes unmanageable. This can arise from various factors such as market shifts, managerial decisions, or revenue declines. At D’Andrea & Partners, we aid companies in debt restructuring to ease financial obligations, enhance cash flow, and steer clear of bankruptcy.

D’Andrea & Partners’ legal assistance and counsel to companies seeking to restructure their debt includes:

  • Expert guidance and support on restructuring by analyzing and renegotiating debt agreements with creditors to adjust existing terms;
  • Advice on share sales and purchases;
  • Development and execution of strategies to manage debt loads, along with ongoing legal counsel throughout the process;

Our goal is to help companies in achieving solid financial foundations and devising plans for sustained success in the future.

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