What you don’t know about the new rules of booking a taxi online

Booking a taxi online in China has become a daily habit so cozy and convenient for everybody.

Recently, the Ministry of Transport has released the Administrative Measures on the Operation and Management of the Interactive Platform of Regulatory Information about Online Booking Taxi (hereinafter referred to as “the Measures”),The Measures have stated that the online taxi booking company (“the Company”), which has obtained the corresponding “online booking taxi business license”, should transfer the relevant basic static information to the ministerial level platform, as well as the operational data of taxis such as order, operation, location and service quality information.

According to the Measures, the municipal transportation authorities should record the relevant license information of the companies, vehicles and drivers through the interactive platform of regulatory information regarding online taxi bookings, connect the road transport information system with the platform and subsequently update the relevant license information in real time.

When the companies transmit the data to the ministerial level platform, the ministerial level platform shall subsequently transmit the information to the provincial and urban level regulatory platform, local transportation authorities will not require the companies to transmit repeatedly to the provincial or urban platforms.

According to the measures, the companies should strengthen the standardized management of data information: the relevant data about online taxi booking service should be directly accessed via the platform and shall not be directly transmitted through a third party platform system.

According to the measures, the companies shall guarantee the integrity, standardization, timeliness and authenticity of the transmission of data to ensure the quality of data transmission. The ministry platform will also carry out regular evaluation on the data transmission quality of the company, the evaluation includes but not limited to data integrity, standardization, timeliness, authenticity as well as other relevant aspects in this regard. Data transmission quality assessment work will be divided into monthly and annual assessment, a monthly and annual assessment cycle shall be conducted for every natural business month and natural business year.

The results of the data transmission quality assessment of the company are published regularly to the public by the ministry platform and the annual evaluation results are included in the assessment of the service quality of the taxi enterprise.

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