The Third Edition of Italian Design Icons 2018 in Shanghai

On November 16, 2018, the Italian Design Icons (IDI) 3rd Edition was held as scheduled in the 50 Moganshan Road Art Creative Park, PUTUO District, Shanghai. IDI not only attracted a number of top Italian design brands and innovative companies in the technological sector to participate in the exhibition, but also the attention of the widespread public, art and design enthusiasts as well as environmental protectors.

Italian Design Icons originated from an idea of D’Andrea & Partners Group (DP Group) and is planned and organized by Eastant Communication & Events. The purpose of the event is to promote Italian designs and brands, for which it has received strong support from the official partners including FNA Group, the Italian Consulate in Shanghai, the Italian Trade Agency (ITA), as well as media partners, Class Editori, the Italian National Business Daily Milano Finanza (MF).

At the press conference held on November 17, Mr. Carlo D’Andrea, Managing Director of DP Group, informed us all of the reasoning behind hosting IDI.  He stated that it is no accident that design is well-developed in Italy, as almost all aspects of Italian culture, arts, creative thoughts and the lifestyle have design penetrated within them. Therefore, industrial products from Italy, without compromising quality and practicality, will always be considered and explored in relation to the impact and the significance of the design of products. China has a different culture and is becoming an increasingly important economy in the process of the global economic trend. In addition, he’d like to share with the Chinese people the beauty and the uniqueness of Italian design. Therefore, he would like to deliver Italian culture, creativity and the values of his country in China through hosting Italian Design Icons Event (IDI) every year.

IDI is a 3-day exhibition, which DP Group hold every year during the period of  Design Week, this year the event was scheduled on Nov 16-17-18; apart from showcasing some of the most iconic products from top tier quality Italian brands of design, the uniqueness of IDI is that we organize many lectures – delivered by top Italian architects, designers, professors and key opinion leaders from exhibiting brands; as well as a press conference, containing interviews conducted by some of the most famous local media outlets and a VIP cocktail party, with selected guests. The topic selected for this year, the 3rd Edition of IDI, is Design for Sustainability & Environment, in accordance with the topic of the 2018 Edition of Italian Design Day across the world. In consideration of the world’s, as well as China’s ever-growing awareness on the concept of environmental protection. We have thus selected brands from lighting to furniture, vehicles to transportation, auxiliary equipment to industrial automation and robotics in order to effectively address this topic.

In the future, Mr. Carlo D’Andrea looks forward to hosting IDI – the periodical event, more frequently and geographically speaking, we would like to go out of Shanghai to host IDI in other cities across China, to spread the beauty of Italian designs and the icons who push the boundaries in their respective fields.

It is reported that the IDI has attracted 10 top Italian brands, including Ansaldo Breda, Comau, iGuzzini, Inmotion (A member of Zapi Group), Marposs, Moto Guzzi, Pirelli, Poltrona Frau, UFI Filters, Vespa etc..

Mr. Michele Cecchi, Consul General of the Italian Consulate in Shanghai, also spoke highly of the IDI event. At the press conference, he pointed out that Italian design is not only in the areas of furniture and architecture, but also reflects how industrial design addresses art and sustainable development as equally important. Mr. Michele Cecchi also calls for public attention to the next Italian-related activities of the Design Week.

Mr. Ermanno Vitali, GM from Chongqing Chuanyi AnsaldoBreda shares with us an exquisite scale model, he mentions “The product represents a retrofit made for an important customer, which needs to re-covert an old design to a new one. We chose this product to show that design is a very important and practical solution when it comes to renewal and Ansaldo Breda is always looking for the specific solution and project that has the best impact on the environment, especially in terms of energy saving and the lowest impact in terms of material consumption. “

Comau, a member of the FCA Group, is a worldwide leader in delivering advanced industrial automation products and systems. Comau showcased the innovative products e.DO and MATE at IDI 2018 3rd Edition. CEO of Comau & ASEAN, Mr. Mauro Anselmetto delivers a keynote speech about Comau digitalization and innovation. “Comau innovation is driving the development of new products, cutting-edge technologies and a powerful concept of the factory that optimizes human and machine-driven automation. We call it HUMANufacturing.”

Mr. Luca Tarsetti, GM of iGuzzini, one of the exhibitors, states that iGuzzini has always adopted voluntary standards that certify production methods, guarantee production quality (ISO 9001), low environmental impact (ISO 14001) and energy savings (ISO50001), not only in the production sphere but also in the company’s daily life. iGuzzini uses mainly recycled aluminium (84%). At the event, the exhibited product chosen from iGuzzini is Palco, which is an aluminium spotlight with a sleek, clean-cut design.  The lights are quite stylish and simply-designed and can be applied for usage in museums, homes, commercial lighting, etc.

Inmotion (a member of Zapi Group) is a global supplier of electric motors, motor controllers and auxiliary equipment for the industrial vehicle industry. General Manager Mr. Luca Gasparri from Inmotion mentioned that, Inmotion is always devoted to providing system design support in order to offload the vehicle OEM’s R&D resources, or just focus on providing excellent component support, in order to enable the whole industry to achieve sustainability in this supply chain. The exhibit set of products Gen6 and AC motor are used in several applications for top customers around the world, the products can also combine as a system to give the customer a solution in the field. The compact solution has a high efficiency of saving energy with high quality control and high stability.

MARPOSS is an outstanding company in the field of measurement and inspection. Created by Mr. Mario Possati in 1952,  the company is develops based on the concept that the company must grow constantly, to the utmost degree, with the utmost capability to develop, Mr. Riccardo Budriesi explains proudly that, “because this is the only way to fulfil our principles, which consists in giving you- our employees- who are young- a chance to fulfil yourselves in the most complete way. And this is still the No.1 philosophy of MARPOSS.” When it comes to why MARPOSS values being an exhibitor of the 3rd IDI event, he says, “MARPOSS values environment protection very much. We design products with the intention to reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution. On the topic of design, we believe designing is the soul of the product and every year we invest 8% of sales revenue in product design. MARPOSS will always provide our customer the product with aesthetic property and novelty.“

Established in 1921, Moto Guzzi is known for its historic role in Italy’s motorcycling manufacture, its prominence worldwide in motorcycle racing, and industry innovations.

The Moto Guzzi bikes embody the highest values of Italian design as an ideal of beauty and luxury. The design helps to combine the best of the latest technology with the classic style and elegance of the Moto Guzzi brand.

Founded in 1872, Pirelli is one of the world’s largest tire manufacturers and it’s also not the first time Pirelli has attended IDI.

The brand’s exhibit is the “Italian tri-color” color coated version of the tire. Thanks to its experience in F1® competitions, Pirelli applies colors to road tyres with the Pirelli Color Edition, not only embodying made-to-measure performance but also style and design, as well as emphasizing their sporty and unique character.  Pirelli Group’s commitment led to the policy on the Sustainability of Natural Rubber where, among others, the commitment to “no deforestation” and the protection of bio-diversity and the development of local communities in areas where hevea brasiliensis is grown for a responsible and lasting growth of the value chain.

Vanity Fair is a replica of the celebrated 904 model that was part of Poltrona Frau’s catalogue in 1930 and became an archetype after which modern armchairs have been following ever since. It is known the world over for its typical rounded shape and the rows of leather-covered nails that add the finishing touch to the seatback and arms. Another exhibited product from Poltrona Frau is a mini Vanity Fair Limited Edition which is a scaled version of the classic Vanity Fair. A special graphic design piece coming from the artistic creativity of children, as this limited edition was contributed to the construction of the Children’s Art Museum in Favara, Italy.

Established in Italy in 1971, headquartered in Italy, UFI Group is a globally recognized filtering system/solution provider. Entering China in 1983, currently UFI Group has four facilities in China, respectively they are Sofima Automotive Filter Aftermarket Division (Shanghai), UFI Filters (Shanghai), SOFIMA Industrial Filters (Shanghai), and Sofima Automotive Filter (Changchun) with more than 2,200 staff. Every day, it produces about 154,000 sets of filters. Every month, around 100 containers are transported to overseas markets such as Europe, North America, Japan and Australia.

One of the primary objectives of the UFI Filters Group is preserving our planet’s natural resources.  UFI Group is constantly engaged in research and the implementation of solutions that guarantee maximum respect for the environment – providing technologically advanced systems which are able to reduce energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions.

Vespa scooter, a perfect icon of the Italian style and innovative technology, providing to consumers a new glamorous style of individual freedom, both for leisure driving and urban commuting. Vespa shows incomparable style in design and a strong cosmopolitan personality, a bold and fashionable character to reflect a rider’s sophisticated and trend-setting lifestyle.

Italian original design works attracted visitors’ interest to stop and appreciate the exhibited products. The three days of lectures, delivered by key opinion leaders from architecture, arts, and design also attracted a lot of people’s attention. Among the list of speakers include: Ms. Nunzia Carbone, Principal & Founder of Dedodesign Architects and Ediblecities, Mr. Stefano Piontini, Head of Asia Pacific and Creative Director of Vudafieri Saverino Partners,Mr. Giancarlo Tintori, Art director of ID & AA S.r.l, Mr. Pietro Dottor, President of Dottor Group, Mr. Gabriele Goretti, Associate Researcher at Nanjing University / School of Arts, Mr. Alfio Di Bella, GM and Senior Architect of Finenco Architects (SH) Co., Ltd, all of whom have made brilliant speeches about their resepctive fields, to which audiences can’t help but to be fascinated.

Last but not least, we thank Aperol Spritz & Italian Restaurant Da Marco for sponsoring the event.

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