The strictest smoking ban in Shanghai

Shanghai bans smoking indoors and in public areas beginning on March 1, according to the new regulations approved by the city’s top legislature.

Revisions to the regulation optimize the executive procedure and expand its areas, including all indoor public places, working areas, and public transportations. From now, smoking is also banned in specific outside areas like schools, hospitals, stadiums, public service places, shopping malls, libraries, etc.

The regulation also stipulates that all separated smoking areas or rooms should be ventilated. Public places must also have noticeable signs indicating that smoking is prohibited.

Enforcement will be constantly focused on one week of each month, while encouraging companies and individuals to dial “12345” public hotline to report a complaint.

Places that fail to obey its restrictions should be imposed fines, which range from 2,000 to 30,000 RMB if it’s a serious violation. Individuals who are reported to smoke in non-smoking areas will also be fined 50 to 200 RMB.

This is not the first time that Shanghai enforces a smoking ban. In fact, the existing smoking control law was passed in 1994, but only implemented in medical areas. Authorities implied that it is a trend of public awareness and establishment of city’s order.

Government statistics show that 30.2 percent of residents in Shanghai are smokers, but whether this so-called “the strictest smoking ban” will truly affect the public behaviors still needs to be examined.

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