In the last few decades, electric vehicles have become an international trend. The effects of global warming, the exhaustion of natural resources, especially fossil fuels, together with the significant developments of electric vehicles in both engine technology and design has most likely helped them become more preferential vehicles.

In Vietnam, electric motorbikes and cars have been well established since the 2000s, however, this industry has recently seen positive and strong improvements, as well as attracting remarkable investments from reputable enterprises in recent years.

By the end of 2017, Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam has completed the installation of the firstĀ  charging station for electric cars in Hanoi, located in the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and has completed a handover of one of their electric car to this agency for trial use. The company is also cooperating with Da Nang University and Central Power Corporation for technical training and the production of charging stations for electric cars; resulting in the development of two new charging stations for electric cars, located in Da Nang and Hoi An (Quang Nam).

Fuso (Diamler Group – German) announced that according to their plan, by 2019, it will launch an electric-motor truck into the world market, including Vietnam.

In early 2018, VinFast, a subsidiary company of Vingroup, announced plans to produce electric vehicles in a factory in Hai Phong. Vinfast has also recently begun to receive pre-orders for their electric motorbikes, while electric cars are expected to be launched in Vietnam in 2019.

Electric-support bikes have become a popular means of delivery from the beginning of this year, thanks to LEL Express (delivery unit under Lazada Vietnam). The company has the ambition that by the end of 2018, 30% of their goods in major cities will be delivered by electric vehicles.

In addition, many construction and maintenance projects for electric charging stations are also in progress, ensuring the most convenient transportation conditions for electric vehicles.

With noticeable investment sources from domestic and international enterprises, along with the growing interest from the public, the electric vehicle industry will undoubtedly have a great future in Vietnam.