State council: 14 opinions on promoting the stabilization and recovery of foreign trade

Foreign trade is an important part of and an important driving force for the national economy of China. Currently, the foreign trade is facing downward pressure. On May 5th, 2016, the State Council issued the Several Opinions of the State Council on Promoting the Stabilization and Recovery of Foreign Trade, such opinions include bring into full play the role of export credit insurance, strongly support foreign trade enterprises in financing, further enhance the level of trade facilitation, adjust and improve the export rebate policies, reduce and remit and regulate the charges and fees related to enterprises, further improve the processing trade policies, support the development of border trade, implement a positive import policy, strengthen support for the new forms of foreign trade, accelerate building of the international marketing service system, accelerate cultivation of self-owned foreign trade brands, bring into play the role of two-way investment for promoting foreign trade, strengthen IP rights protection in foreign trade and strengthen organization and implementation by all regions and departments.

We believe that, such opinions, will strongly promote the recovery and long term development of foreign trade.

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