The Work Safety Seminar was successfully held on 2d March 2017 in Chongqing.

The Director Paolo Bazzoni and Coordinator Alice Piccioli of Chongqing Office of the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce, the General Manager of the British Chamber of Commerce Ben Metcalf attended the meeting and made a welcome speech.

Mr. Matteo Zhi – attorney at law and partner of the international boutique law firm D’Andrea & Partners – delivered a speech and gave precious tips to increase company’s knowledge about the work safety. Based on the Tianjin (August 2015) and Kunshan (August 2014) experiences, the hot themes which received the greatest response from the audience of  Mr. Matteo Zhi’s speech have been the following:

–  How to establish a true Safety Culture in the company

– How to manage hidden risks

 – How to organize a training course on work-related safety for employees and make them self-motivated

–  Types of Insurance Obligations

– Liabilities of the Employer

 … and many others.

About 20 enterprises attended the event, shared their point of views and experiences and took away many suggestions, practical and fast to turn into everyday practice.

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