New point system about expats working policy in China

From November 1st, China has introduced a new point system about expats working policy in China, this system will be applied in the large cities first, and then will be extended to other areas. In April 2017, the system will have its full implementation in the entire Country. Let’s see how it is proceed. This system is called “point system”, and it will divide the foreigners who want to work in China in three categories:

 ‘A’ for top-tiered talent;

 ‘B’ for professional talent:

 ‘C’ for unskilled workers or those working in the service industry.

If you meet some specific needs of a particular category, that is to say, for example, if you got a very high achievement in some areas, or you are an innovative talent, you will automatically be classified into category A or B, otherwise you will be divided according to your education background, work experience, the level of Chinese. The relevant work permit will be issued according to the different categories of workers: foreigners in the category A will obtain a work permit without limit, those in the category B will obtain this permit according to the market demand, and those within the category C will be in accordance with the relevant regulation of the State.This is an innovative system and it will bring new skilled professionals in the market.

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