McDonald’s change of name

One of the hottest topic of the moment is certainly the McDonald’s corporate name change.

After CITIC and Carlyle recently purchased the business of McDonald’s in China and Hong Kong, so the original operating company doesn’t belong to the wholly owned subsidiary of American McDonald’s any longer, McDonald’s changed also its name. According to National Industry and Commerce Information Data System, McDonald’s (China) Company Ltd. has been formally renamed as Golden Arch (China) Company Ltd. on October 12th, 2017, its subsidiaries in various areas are renaming one after another.

Sometimes, due to some special reasons, shareholders intend to change the name of the company. It is possible to do so in China, and here are the relevant procedures to do so:

1. Pre-approval of changing enterprise name;

2. Application of new Business License – Business License is similar to the “ID” of companies in China;

3. Register in Bureau of Commerce – this procedure is required only for Foreign Invested Enterprises;

4. Application for making new seals of the company;

5. Change all the company information in banks, tax bureau, social security bureau, etc.

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