In recent years, the development of the China economy has led to a lot of positive effects in the Chinese life but it has also had a side effect which is a growing number of safety accidents that are happening in the factories all over China.

Promoting an equal and sustainable social and economic development is the big goal of both the Chinese Government and the Chinese Judicial System. About this topic, Mr. Carlo Diego D’Andrea had his speech last Tuesday in Nanjing, during the EUCCC Executive Breakfast.

A lot of curiosity but first of all, a big interest, had been shown by the entrepreneurs who asked Mr. D’Andrea a lot of questions. The key points underlined by the attorney at law focused on the liabilities of the “Principal leading member” of a company and its obligations.

Through different real case studies selected by Mr. D’Andrea and some experiencesshared by the entrepreneurs in the room, the topic and the suggestions became more and more clear during the workshop. “My takeaways for today – declared by Mr. D’Andrea – is being very careful and work properly in 4 main areas, as detailed in the Work Safety Law of the Public Republic of China: safety management, constant training to all the employees, screening, inspection and elimination of the risks – especially the potential ones – purchase of the work-related injury insurance and payment of the insurance premiums”.

Since, in case of work-related injury, the liabilities of the employer can be quite high – from the compensation for the damage to the business license suspension, up to seven-year prison sentence in “particularly dangerous circumstances” – these precious tips given by the Italian Attorney at Law increased companies’ knowledge about the work safety in China and will help them to better manage their business in this Country.

Many thanks to EUCCC Nanjing Chapter for the idea and the great event management, and to all the members who attended the executive breakfast.



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