China’s economy has been transforming from high-speed to high-quality growth. The consumption-driven economy features its immense market with robust demand. Foreign enterprises continue to choose China as their new investment destination and newly oriented market.

We at DP Group strive to help our clients and potential investors with their business expansion, our team of professionals has therefore compiled a list of what you need to know, presenting you our Doing Business in China Practical Guides series. 


Foreign Direct Investment

The Guide on Foreign Direct Investments in China aims to give an easy but comprehensive analysis of the opportunities of investments in China and the related ways in which to invest.


Intellectual Property Rights

This Guide is an agile tool to better understand a key topic of doing business in China: (IPR) Intellectual Property Rights. The guide is a must have tool to protect the value of your brand in a country and a market full of huge opportunities as well as risks.


Chinese Labor Law

This Guide is a practical manual for Europeans considering investing in China, Illustrating the regulations and procedures for the management of human resources in the Chinese labor market. A basic tool to understand labor law in China and how to handle daily evaluation on legal compliance with labor law.


Commercial Contracts in China

This Guide aims to provide foreign investors with a full overview of the regulatory framework involved with commercial contracts in China, in order to enable them to successfully operate in the Chinese market while avoiding potential risks in the various agreements and contracts.


Free Trade Zones

This Guide is a practical and effective manual, easy and fast to read but extremely detailed about one of the hottest topics for brands and companies that land in China or want to grow their business in this country: Free Trade Zones.


Electronic versions of the Guides are now available on Amazon, paperbacks are available upon request. Contact us at for more information and/or a discussion on how we can assist you with your first step into China. Let’s make this world a better place for business.