D&P and the young talents

In the last two years, D’Andrea & Partners has developed a dream, more than a project: to help young students to develop their skills and open their careers to more and more international opportunities.

As a result, in the last months, three important agreements became a reality: one, with the Italian Università di Teramo and the Shanghai Jiao Tong University for an exchange program that will enable Italian students to come to SJTU and Chinese Students to go to Università di Teramo, two of them will also receive a scholarship from D’Andrea & Partners Law firm; another one with Nanjing University Law School, to held the 1st edition of the course “Introduction to Italian Civil and Commercial Law”, 16 classes that will give credits and will include also special guests from Italian Institutions and Italian firms’ top managers; and last one with Nanjing Normal University – Department of Italian language -, to promote cultural exchange between China and Italy, connect Chinese students with Italian companies’ community and help them to find internships and working opportunities in their firms.

This is an effective, concrete way, to offer new and real possibilities to young students and to many firms.

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