A joint Russian-Chinese University in Shenzhen

Russian-Chinese cooperation is becoming more global. Recently, there are more joint ventures and co-operation plans between Russia and China. This year has been a landmark in relations between the two countries: one of the most recent important news in the relationship of the two neighbouring countries is that in China is going to appear a replica of the Moscow State University, named after Mikhail Vasilevich Lomonosov. For the first time, a joint Russian-Chinese university will be opened, and it will be based in Shenzhen.

It is planned that the total number of students will reach five thousand students, covering all educational levels, such as undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate courses, up to awarding of the academic degrees.

This step will be a revolutionary event in the history of Russian-Chinese relations, because it means more profound relationship between the two Countries, as well as the growing potential for the joint experts in various fields, exchange of experience and knowledge.

Following this cooperation plan, six among the most famous universities of the world also plan to open in Shenzhen. Thus, here the plan is to settle universities of Melbourne (Australia), Queensland (Australia), Berkeley (USA), Rochester (USA), Copenhagen (Denmark). Furthermore, other universities are already preparing their projects from Germany and Glasgow (United Kingdom) Universities.