#5chinamusthave is coming, the interesting event that will be held on 8th June in Milan, welcoming the participation of 5 special guests, among them Mr. Carlo D’Andrea. This is an unique event in Italy, innovative for the expected topics, goals and the involved personalities.

5 international guest speakers, professionals who sharing their working experience in China, will give a precious contribute to all of them who are interested to know better Chinese entrepreneurial reality, success’ opportunities and peculiar requirements as well, which reflect as much as unique and continuously evolving reality; 5 will be also the hot topics the conference will focus on, these are logistics, intellectual property, ecommerce, HR and investments. The last topic will be introduced by Mr. Carlo D’Andrea.

#5chinamusthave will give the opportunity to all people who will be present to closely know a distant reality, where the special guests have their roots from many years; this is the reason why this meeting distinguishes itself as a formative initiative.

Otherwise, the event will give the possibility to intervene and interact, responding curiosities and solving doubts of all those people need to express them and to get advices.

#5chinamusthave is an occasion to found out, directly in Italy but from China, the secrets to launch your business in Chinese territory.

For more information and to register www.5chinamusthave.com