The catalogue for the guidance of foreign investment industries revised in 2017 was approved by the government and will be put into force on July 28th 2017.  The Catalogue was revised in order to enlarge opening to the world, and to improve the investment environment in China.

What’s new about the latest catalogue?

First of all, the catalogue 2017 reduces Restricted Industries items, which makes the market more open to foreign investors, especially to the industries of Service, Manufacturing, Mining, etc.

Secondly, there were some share limitations for the investment in the Encouraged Industries List of the previous Catalogue. Now all the industries with share limitation have been moved to the Negative List, which makes the catalogue easier to understand.

In addition, the industries that domestic enterprises were not allowed to enter are moved out from the prohibited industries list. However, it doesn’t mean that foreign investors are allowed to invest in those industries, contrarily, the industries are still prohibited, in accordance with Laws and Regulations of P.R.C. The adjustment shows the determination of the government on consistent management to foreign and domestic companies.

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Speaker: Eva Jiang, lawyer from D’Andrea & Partners

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