On June 3, EUCCC Nanjing Chapter held an interesting event focused on the goals and the future perspectives of the “Jiangsu Action Plans of China Manufacturing 2025”, published on June 2015.

Which are the necessary actions to promote a more and more leading position of Jiangsu province in manufacturing field and which are the necessary measures to allow the enterprises settled in this prosper area to increase their competitive power both in local and global economy: these were the main points the EUCCC members focused on at the important meeting held on the last Friday.

The Board Chairman of EUCCC Nanjing Chapter Mr. Bernhard Weber and the Deputy Director of Jiangsu Provision Commission of Economy and Information Technology (JSCEIT) Gao Qing moderated the event; to attend the event was also the Deputy Director General of the Nanjing Foreign Affairs Office Mr. Li. The meeting welcomed also the active participation of many managers and entrepreneurs of European enterprises leader in manufacturing industry. D’Andrea & Partners also attended the event with the presence of Mr. Lorenzo Lombardo.

A particularly interesting topic concerned the industrial process planning, a key point of discussion, about what the participants have demonstrated again the standard bearer role of European legal values assumed by EUCCC.

Therefore, expectations about Jiangsu economy improvement are increasing more and more, and it is expected it will gain high targets of the Plans within 2025.

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