India:New Visa for Filmmakers

India aims to become a destination for film production and, for this reason, the Indian government decided to create a film visa eliminating various fees and charges were asked to pay by local agencies.


This new policy will encourage the foreign stakeholders in areas such as filmmaking. There will not be any technical limitation in obtaining a business visa for movie shooting. It will be also given an additional role to the Indian National Film Development Corporation (NFDC) as it will become the only subject that is capable of providing permissions to foreign filmmakers.


India started to launch the e-visa policy at the beginning of April 2017. The new changes include an increased time limit for seeking the entry permit from 30 days to a maximum of four months. There will be also new sub-categories for Film (F) visa in addition to an Intern (I) visa. The I-visa will be granted to foreigners coming to India for volunteer work with a non-governmental organization or for an internship. Meanwhile, the F-visa will be granted to foreigners coming to India for film production purposes.


Moreover, the new Indian visa policy will also benefit tourists, investors, and doctors. Consequently, there will probably be a boost in the number of entries into the country and this will also probably increase the employment in these sectors.


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