Incentives for Young Graduates

Due to the outstanding difficulty of getting employed for college graduates, many of them choose to start their own business. Government has released numerous preferential policies as support which involves several aspects of college student entrepreneurship. Hereby this article shall conduct a simple summarization for young entrepreneurs to be.

Reduction and exemption of administrative levies. College students who engage in individual operations within 2 years of graduation shall be exempted from administrative levies including registration fee, management fee and the like for 3 years since the date of first AIC registration.

Simplified Registration Procedure. College graduates that apply to register individual operation or private enterprise within 2 years of graduation can process through preferential channel.

Tax Preference. College graduates engaging in specific industries, such as consulting, storage, foreign trade, etc should be entitled to tax reduction or exemption for 2 years once approved by local tax authority.

Discount Government Loan. To relieve the shortage of funds problem commonly seen in the starting stage, the government shall provide small-sum discount government loans to college entrepreneurs for 1 to 2 years.

Exemption of Personal Dossier Management Fee.  For college graduates starting their own business, personnel administration will preserve their dossier, including procedures for social insurance, profession title, etc. for 2 years free of charge.

Social Insurance Allowance. College graduates establishing businesses within 3 years including small and micro enterprises, individual operation, etc that recruit new local employee and pay the social insurances can be entitled to social insurance allowances.

Preferential policies may vary depending on the locations where the young graduates start their business, please refer to relevant local authorities for specifics.

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