Italy in India Business Conclave – 2024

We are delighted to announce that our Managing Partner Mr. Carlo D’Andrea’s visit to New Delhi, India between 11th April to 13th April, 2024. Mr. Carlo D’Andrea shall be one of the key speakers at the 5th edition of the Italy in India Business Conclave – 2024 , which will take place in Sala Tessitori, Italian Embassy Cultural Centre, New Delhi, on Friday 12th April 2024, from 5pm onwards.  On account of the rise in the Italy – India business relationship, Mr. Carlo D’Andrea having expertise in the international global markets shall provide meaningful insights in the futuristic economic development of India along with a comparative narrative between India and China in consideration to India’s growing dominance in the Asia Pacific region and the shift in the geopolitical landscape. We shall be glad to have you join us for this meaning exchanges. For registration to the event, please send your RSVP at the below link.