Private Equity in China Jun18

Private Equity in China

Geo-political tensions, strong policy moves and a global pandemic have given rise to shifts in the private equity (PE) market in China for foreign investors, with industry sources reporting a steady decline in new international investors or even divestiture of China holdings. However, there may be light at the end of the tunnel. In t...

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Data Protection in China: A 21st Century Zeitgeist May22

Data Protection in China: A 21st Century Zeitgeist

According to Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft, the pandemic has accelerated digital transformation by almost a decade. The digital era has come to be. Globally, there has been a push toward more robust rules to protect consumer data and privacy, as well as to safeguard important information from corruption, compromise or loss, and Chi...

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Missionary’s Influence on Evolution of Chinese Legal System Apr28

Missionary’s Influence on Evolution of Chinese Legal System

Roman law has long been strongly admired by legal professionals and scholars in China. From the Ming dynasty, when Italian missionaries visited China, to the year 2021, when the first Civil Code of PRC came into effect, it has been a long story of evolution. At the end of the Ming Dynasty, Italian missionary, Giulio Aleni, arrived...

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Can China Achieve Her Open-Source Ambitions? Mar15

Can China Achieve Her Open-Source Ambitions?

Open source refers to a computer program in which the source code is available to the general public for use or modification. From a legal point of view, the peculiarity of open-source software is that the original developer(s) (who would enjoy, pursuant to the Copyright Law of PRC, the copyright on the programming code, and thus ...

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Should You Trust a Lawyer Born in the Year of the Ox? Feb14

Should You Trust a Lawyer Born in the Year of the Ox?

The Chinese Zodiacal sign, Ox, occupies the second position in the Chinese Zodiac. An Ox’s personality comprises a diligent character that is dependable, strong and determined. Having great patience and a desire to make progress, Oxen can achieve their goals by consistent effort. Before taking any action, Oxen will have a definite ...

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Shaping Europe’s Cyber Future Feb02

Shaping Europe’s Cyber Future

After lengthy consultation and discussion, the European Commission has released two new legislative initiatives within the antitrust arena:  (DMA) and the  (DSA), collectively referred to as the ‘DSA Package’. The package allows the European Commission to upgrade the rules governing digital services in the European Union (EU)...

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Firewall for China Jan21

Firewall for China

China is India’s second biggest trade partner behind the United States (US), and as a result, India is heavily dependent on China in matters of trade, technology and investment. However, since the spread of COVID-19 in India, the economic and political relations between the two countries have gone through a sea change, with the int...

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BRI: Dispute Resolution and Jurisdictional Issues Oct27

BRI: Dispute Resolution and Jurisdictional Issues

The Belt and Road Initiative possibly offers interesting opportunities for non-Chinese participation. However, knowledgeable investors know that with rewards come risks, says D’Andrea & Partners Legal Counsel. In this article, they discuss the question of how to effectively manage disputes that ...

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Off the Menu Oct25

Off the Menu

China’s ban on illegal trading and consumption of wildlife At the nucleus stage of the greatest global pandemic in more than a lifetime, which has devastated the world over, lies the issue of the illegal trading and consumption of wild animals. China mo...

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International Lawyers Association Oct23

International Lawyers Association

A guiding hand along the BRI In light of the launch of The Belt and Road International Lawyers Association (BRILA) by the All China Lawyers Association at the tail end of 2019, Shane Farrelly and Veronica Gianola from...

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