Vietnam’s Electronic Visas open to the Foreigners Next Year

Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) announced that Vietnam government is planning to open up pilot online visas to foreigners from January, 2017 to 2018, namely, proceedings of application to Vietnam’s visas will be conducted through the electronic system. the relevant fees regarding e-visa application will be transferred through bank accounts directly, which may avoid the intermediary expenses for foreign applicants.

The relevant decisions are considered to probably bring huge influence to facilitate the tourism of Vietnam in the future.

It will take three days to grant a foreigner’s application for a 30-day e-visa. In the meantime, a foreign tourist’s application for an e-visa will not require an invitation or a warranty from a Vietnamese party any more.

At the same day of announcement, VNAT officially issued a new website:

The website is available in English and reachable by handy electronic devices and it is also connected to social networks, including Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Vietnam is doing a lot to open up to foreigners, both private and companies. Keep following D’Andrea&Partners to receive any updates about the Country. For more information, please write an email to

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