The ancient tradition of the Spring Festival

Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is the first day of Chinese lunar calendar. The tradition of celebrating this Festival is very ancient and rooted in the Neolithic age, more than 4000 years ago. The legend has it that the “Year” was a monster afraid of the color red, as well as that of fire and explosions. Therefore, during the Spring Festival, every family decorates their house with red ornaments, such as red couplets, lanterns and even new clothes and sets off firecrackers in order to keep the monster away and to pray for good luck and health. The night before the Chinese New Year Day is known as “the reunion night”: all the family members reunite around the table to make dumplings. As the tradition requires, the dumplings are prepared starting from kneading the dough. Indeed, in the Chinese language, dumplings are called “huo mian”, because “huo” means “combine”. In the Chinese language, the word dumpling is also homophonic with “jiao”, which means “join”; therefore, the two words “huo” and “jiao” mean people getting together, that’s why Chinese citizens use dumplings to symbolize reunion. People usually go to visit their relatives and friends at the beginning of the Chinese New Year’s holiday season: the old tradition of blessing each other for happiness for the upcoming year is still kept on to this day, thanks to the Chinese people who strongly carry it out.

DP Group wishes all friends a Happy Chinese New Year!

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