The Chinese Zodiacal sign, Ox, occupies the second position in the Chinese Zodiac. An Ox’s personality comprises a diligent character that is dependable, strong and determined. Having great patience and a desire to make progress, Oxen can achieve their goals by consistent effort. Before taking any action, Oxen will have a definite plan with detailed steps, to which they may apply their strong faith and physical strength.

However, no one is perfect and even Oxen have their weaknesses. They are stubborn, not usually good at communicating with others and even believe that it is worthless to exchange ideas. As a silver lining to such a stubborn temperament, they do find it easy to bear stress and tension.

As the symbol of hard work, an Ox will therefore have a hardworking demeanor, be supportive and loyal,  patient and steady, active and popular among friends. An Ox also dislikes to rush things. Often described as realistic and level-headed, they tend to look for long-term and stable careers, thriving well in high-stress and technical jobs.

While artistic flair is not something that comes easy to them, Oxen generally have fantastic abilities when it comes to routine and structure.

As such, they often suit the career paths of lawyers, editors, doctors and teachers. As they have a great deal of patience, they will often take jobs in editing and writing; jobs requiring a specific expertise or knowledge. They are apparently not known as fast movers; however, in spite of the influence of others or potential difficulties, once they make up their minds, they may get things done at their own pace. Successful Oxen include Barack Obama, Vincent Van Gogh and Walt Disney, among many others.

Lawyers and Judges are very prestigious professions in all aspects. Demanding too, which is why not every student may successfully enroll in law school. Of the 12 animals in the Chinese Zodiac, four may make good lawyers.

People born in the year of the Tiger are often great as a consultant, pharmacist, insurance agent or lawyer; or working in managerial positions, entertainment and broadcasting. Tigers are kind and benevolent people. They rarely feel tired and are often described as emotional. They are natural-born leaders, just as in the jungle.

Rats are usually better suited to highly-active jobs. They are expressive, charming and loyal, all traits well matched with the legal profession. Even though they are incredibly astute and methodical individuals, they don’t see themselves holding leadership positions. However, a Rat makes an excellent second-in-command, being both reliable and dedicated.

Dragons need space to grow; they can’t be trapped in tiny cubicles. They understand trends and see the direction to take to become successful. Therefore, they often enjoy careers where they can be outside, perhaps as environmental researchers or hiking guides. These traits are often common for other possible job matches, such as an architect, sales representative or lawyer.

Horses love their freedom and are usually very talented in a particular field. They also make good lawyers and often thrive if their career can incorporate sport.

However, there is also a dark side to the Ox. Leaders simply by virtue of their strength, they are ponderous and cannot organise anything, meaning they mainly rely on skilled assistants. In the “great race” of all the animals, the Ox was naive enough to trust the Rat, believing he was a loyal assistant.

This article was published on the Nanjinger magazine on February 13th, 2021