Environmental law compliance and regulation review is a necessary process that ensure companies operate within the bounds of applicable laws and regulations while promoting sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices. A comprehensive legal compliance and regulation review requires an in-depth understanding of the relevant local, provincial, and national laws, as well as industry-specific standards. Our attorneys at law firms specializing in this field can assist clients in identifying and analyzing areas of potential risk, developing compliance strategies, and managing regulatory aspects of ongoing operations.


Over the years, D’Andrea & Partners Legal Counsel has gained extensive experience in assisting companies engaged in the energy sector in many high profile, important cases, with a particular focus on renewable energy and environmental protection with machinery for the recycling of waste and other materials. In association with experienced environmental legal professionals, D’Andrea & Partners is specialized in providing the following legal services for various companies engaged in a variety of different industries, such as chemicals, health, logistics, general manufacturing, and environmental treatment corporations across many different emerging countries/regions such as China, India, Vietnam, Italy, the UAE, Hong Kong as well as other growing economies across the world:


·         Environmental compliance consultations for corporate daily operations as well as construction projects;

·         Environmental regulation and/or standard analysis;

·         Legal opinions on environmental legal risks and response measures;

·         Emergency response.


In addition, D’Andrea & Partners Legal Counsel also has an abundance of experience in environmental dispute resolutions, such as in the areas of negotiation, administrative hearings & environmental arbitration and litigation.

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