Over the years, D’Andrea & Partners Legal Counsel has developed strong experience in assisting its clients in dealing with insolvency procedures, bringing them to a successful restructuring. D’Andrea & Partners does not only assist companies that are in a troublesome situation, we also help investors in seeking opportunities to purchase a distressed company or try to purchase certain parts of its assets.


Overcoming debt is difficult for any entrepreneur, our attorneys at law at D’Andrea & Partners will always be beside you, not only during the good times but also when in the midst of a financial crisis.


D’Andrea & Partners’ legal assistance and counsel to bankruptcy-stricken companies includes:


·         Advising the company on the best course of action for filing bankruptcy as well as filing for bankruptcy

·         Representing the company in court if necessary

·         Negotiating with the creditors committee

·         Assisting with all internal procedures of the company during the bankruptcy process until the liquidation of the company.


Companies often find themselves in a difficult financial situation when their debt load becomes unsustainable. This may occur due to a multitude of factors such as changes in the market, poor management decisions, or a decline in revenues. At D’Andrea & Partners, we may assist companies to restructure their debt in order to reduce their financial obligations, improve cash flow, and avoid bankruptcy.


D’Andrea & Partners’ legal assistance and counsel to companies wishing to restructure their debt includes:


·         Providing assistance and advice on debt restructuring by analyzing and negotiating debt agreements with creditors to modify the terms of existing debt;

·         Advice pertaining to the sale and purchase of shares;

·         Developing and implementing strategies to manage the debt load, and providing legal guidance throughout the process;


The ultimate goal is to help the company emerge on a solid financial footing and with a plan for future success

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