D’Andrea & Partners is experienced in advising clients on a variety of employment and labor law matters, including compliance with local and international labor law and regulations.

Specific areas of our services in this practice area include the following:

1.Assisting on legal issues relating to labor and employment in accordance with the local laws on labor;

2.Assisting on legal issues relating to labor contracts, including but not limited to drafting, amending, supplementing or the terminating of labor contracts;

3.Assisting on developing and drafting forms relating to labor and employment including drafting ancillary agreements to the contracts which include non-competition and confidentiality clauses;

4.Assisting the drafting and registering of regulations on employment, remuneration and internal regulations, such as the Company Handbook;

5.Assisting on legal issues relating to labor regulations of foreign workers, including offer letter, the obtainment of work permits and/or temporary residential cards.

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