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It is not a surprise, that Chinese smartphones nowadays are growing popularity not only in Russia, but all over the world. According to one of the biggest Russian mobile phone retailer, Svyaznoy, the most popular smartphones in Russian audience are Chinese-brands smartphones, among which Lenovo and ZTE.

In January-February of this year, 33% of the sold smartphones was Chinese branded and this is the record number for all the time of development in this area. In 2016, it is expected that the share of Chinese brands in the smartphone market in units will exceeds 40 per cent. Nowadays, Chinese smartphones have developed with the fast speed and this industry, in past years, became one of the largest on the global market. The specific feature about Chinese smartphones (and also the reason why these smartphones are attracting Russian public) is that the Chinese market has no shortage of interesting devices and the cost of the product is considerably low. Some even can compete with famous brands. Despite on the economic slowdown in China, this fact practically has no effect on the Chinese manufacturer.

Chinese smartphones are obviously gaining more and more points compare to the top five global manufacturers, among them, the South Korean giant LG electronics, and are also progressively taking a market share from another well-known South Korean manufacturer, Samsung. Others popular Chinese marks are Huawei and Xiaomi, which are gradually taking over the popularity from other Chinese brands.

Respectively, few can disagree with the fact that Chinese manufacturers make a worthy competitor to Western, Korean and Japanese well-known brands and they are increasing their market shares. The brightest evidence is the recent report of Communities Dominate, according to which, among the ten largest manufacturers of smartphones seven are Chinese companies. Another popular brand of Chinese smartphones is Fly: for a long time it could not compete with big manufacturers like Samsung, but the recent statistics of the “Euroset” (another Russian mobile phone retailer) have shown that the permanent leader of the market have been defeated by the balance of the percentage where the proportion of Fly was 15.9%, the Samsung – 15%. According to statistics, generally, the most popular smartphone in Russia became Redmi Note 2, branded by the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi : he “won” 7.73 percent of the market.

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