Юридический комплаенс и проверка

Within an organization, there are many activities to be carried out and monitored in order to ensure compliance with laws, regulations, and standards, whether voluntary or mandatory.

D’Andrea & Partners will assist you in the following internal and external procedures:

1.Understanding and researching the laws and regulations related to specifics matters;

2.Advising clients on best practices to reduce risks and/or costs;

3.Reviewing and/or drafting the Human Resource documents, including but not limited to the Employee Handbook, Labor Contract, Service Term Agreement of clients;

4.Drafting of the Standard operation procedure for Anti Bribery behavior and conduct;

5.Assisting clients in drafting internal policies.

Business Intelligence is always key in defining the company’s strategies and resolving disputes, D’Andrea & Partners can conduct investigations for our clients in order to provide them with a full and detailed report on the subject matter before making any crucial business decision.

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