March 2015 – Our client in Shanghai is hiring now !!


Our client in Shanghai is hiring now !!

We are looking for Chinese National talented and motivated people to work in an unique professional and international environment as trade analysts (consumers goods and industrial goods).

Our candidates must be graduated and with excellent oral and written command of English and eager to work with dedication and passion.

Proven knowledge of italian language is a plus.

Competitive salary and benefits are provided according to experience and qualifications. 

If you are interested please send an e mail to: 


我们在上海的客户正在招聘 !!


我们正在寻找有天赋和热枕的有兴趣从事独特专业并在国际环境中担任贸易分析师工作 (消费品和工业品)的并拥有中国国籍的人才。