New land grain corridor Russia – China

China and Russia have signed a contract for the supply of products of the Russian agricultural sector.

The signing ceremony of the contract was attended by Alexander Tkachev –  the Minister of agriculture of Russia.

According to Tkachev’s speech, Russia will supply grain and other agricultural products to the Chinese market in the framework of the joint initiative, called “New land grain corridor Russia-China”.

In turn, the head of the agricultural Ministry of China Han Changfu said: “China and Russia are good and old friends and partners and agriculture is an important direction of cooperation between two countries”

“We have always had a good basis for cooperation, and now it is time to increase the intensity of cooperation because it satisfies the interests of both industry and consumers of our countries,” the Minister added.

According to his words, China is interested in increasing the volume of cooperation with Russia. From recent practices, it became known that investment by Chinese side in Russian agriculture at the Far East region, brought very good results in a very short time.

The arrival of the first Russian train in China is expected in late April 2017.

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