Moncler awarded $448K under China’s new Trademark Law

Moncler, the French-Italian brand most known for its down jackets and sportswear, announced the Intellectual Property (IP) Court in Beijing has awarded the Group 3 million RMB (approximately EUR 420,000) in relation to intellectual property trademark infringement by Beijing Nuoyakate Garment Co.,Ltd.


Moncler discovered in 2013 Nuoyakate was not only manufacturing and selling down jackets with counterfait Moncler logos, but also making attempts to register several fraudulent trademarks and domain names in China and other markets. The outerwear label decided to sue Nuoyakate in December 2014 and the IP Court in Beijing decided that Nuoyakate’s behaviour constituted trademark infringement and a violation of Moncler IP’s rights. This represents a revolutionary sentence and the first judgement under China’s New Trademark Law to grant the maximum statutory damages in cases of counterfeiting.


This victory is important for Moncler also because highlighs the effort made by the Group to tackle the international trade of counterfait products.



Sources: Repubblica, Moncler Group