Machinery Export Quota from Italy to China

According to the data by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Italian Republic, the total volume of foreign trade between China and Italy in January, 2016 was € 3.257 billion, with year-on-year growth (the same below) of 1.2%. The volume of Italy’s export to China was € 608 million, dropped by 12.0%; in comparison, the volume Italy imported from China was € 2.649 billion, which increased by 4.8%. Among all the imported and exported items between the two Countries over the past few years, machinery import and export has been taking a leading role, which is manifested by the trade volume of woodworking machines, plastic and rubber processing machinery, agricultural machinery, etc.

Woodworking machine:

Woodworking machinery industry is the foundation of a variety of industries, such as furniture industry, construction material industry and decoration industry, etc. Among all the European Countries that have taken the largest market share of woodworking machinery, Italy is taking a leading position. Upon operation data report of quarter 3rd, 2015 issued by Italian woodwork machinery and cutting-tool manufacturer association (ACIMALL), the total amount of orders increased by 7.2%, in comparison with the period from July to September, 2014. The amount of Italian domestic orders has grown 12.5% compared with that of the same period a year earlier, and overseas business increased by 6.9%. 32% of interviewees believe that foreign orders would continue to increase. From the perspective of traditional typical woodworking machines, Italy is still one of the Counties with largest export volume in the world, seizing Chinese market with its advanced market structure and technology.

Plastic and rubber processing machinery:

On the other hand, the data provided by ISTAT, an Italian national statistical institution, suggested that the export volume of plastic and rubber processing machinery industry increased by 6.5 % in the first nine months of 2010 compared to the whole year of 2009, among which processing machinery export volume increased as much as 12.5%. And Chinese market contributed with 43%, maintaining the strongest growth. By the year 2015, Italy’s export of plastic and rubber processing machinery set a new record. Italy’s total output value of machinery, equipment and mold increased to € 4.15 billion by 3.8%. In the same year, export volume increased by 8.4%, from € 2.685 billion to € 2.9 billion. 60.2% of Italy’s total polymer machines were exported to Europe, basically holding the line compared to 2014: 49.7% of Italy’s total polymer machines were exported to the European Union Countries, a little higher than that of 48.7% in 2014.

Agricultural machinery:

In recent years, agricultural machinery has developed into a very important field in China and in the whole world. In 2014, China imported as many as 570,000 sets of agricultural machinery equipment from Italy. There is no doubt that overseas agricultural machinery manufactures have noticed the business opportunity that China’s huge market offers. Italian peers are no exception. It is indicated that the tractors and agricultural machines Italy exported to China from January to September, 2015 was valued at € 80 million in total (52% increase compared to that in 2014). In recent years, a number of Italian companies have established joint ventures or otherwise invested in China. At present, there are over 2,200 enterprises whose gross sales of agricultural machine is higher than RMB 20 million, and the industrial total volume is over RMB 395 billion.


Decades of years’ development have led Chinese engineering machinery market to a “New Normal”, which means it will be difficult to achieve a similarly rapid growth from now on. Meanwhile, Chinese native gearing equipment manufacturers have made considerable progress over the years, and they also have better understanding of their native customers. In order to further develop business in China, Italian machinery manufactures need to pour more investment in production equipment, research and development, and market investigation, combine Italian design with China’s actual needs so as to provide the best products, technology and services to satisfy China’s demands.

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