Italian Design Icons

Italian Design Icons (IDI) was held from November 19 to 21, 2016 at Condé Nast Center of Fashion and Design. A wonderful collection of 9 acclaimed design brands for the first time, together, celebrated the Italian design, lifestyle and excellence.

Institutions, bloggers, designers and many other guests all gathered to witness the three-day celebration of IDI, a unique exposition of iconic Italian design products.

A part from the exhibition, lectures with designers, architects and art directors from all over the world shared the huge possibilities for the Italian lifestyle to explore and be successful in the Chinese market. Among them, Mauro Porcini, Senior Vice President and CDO of PepsiCo, Avril Accolla, design director and professor of design at the Shanghai Tong Ji University, Matteo Oppici, COO of Euroidea Smeg, Gianmauro Vella, head of design for PepsiCo Greater china and an unusual trio of guests brought by Technogym, The wellness company, Guido Romagnoli Vice President Sales of the company with architect Andreas Thomczyk anySCALE and the artist musician and eclectic Yang Yang owner of the innovative gym ZWYN in Beijing.

IDI is not just a one-time celebration of the past and the present, it is also a way to spread a great message to future generations. By selecting one of the most important and recognized center of fashion and design in China as the venue, IDI sent a strong message to the new talented designers, both Chinese and international, who want to be global and would like to enhance their careers to international brands.

D’Andrea&Partners, that launch the idea, thanks all exhibitors, visitors, media, speakers and guests, as well as the partners for supporting this important event for the promotion of Italy.


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