Investments: why choosing Italy?

Italy is attracting huge interest from foreign investors. Italy, in fact, is in the third place in Europe after England and France for collecting Chinese investments.

The 2016 seems to be the right time for foreign entrepreneurship to plan the “landing” in Italy and there are many factors that make the country attractive right now, among them the fact that Italy is one of the largest markets in the world as well as a huge player in manufacturing and international trade, it has a strategic position, the Made in Italy is known and recognized worldwide, Italians are great innovators, designers and developers. Another reason why investing in Italy this year, is for sure, because of the many reforms (legal, financial and taxation) that the country is implementing, with the objective of facilitating the development of new businesses, reducing bureaucracy, improving the education and legal systems.

In which business to invest? For sure, Made in Italy sectors, such as textile, fashion, footwear and yacht design and building, but also the mechanical sector, the pharmaceutical-chemistry, the hi-tech (the drones market, whose market is valued over 250 million or also the Virtual reality technologies), the means of transport (no cars), and the real estate.

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