International University: the Moscow State University opened in China.

Russian-Chinese cooperation is becoming more global. Recently, there are more joint ventures and co-operation plans between Russia and China. This year has been a landmark in relations between the two countries: one of the most recent important news in the relationship of the two neighbor countries is that in China is going to appear a replica of the Moscow State University, named after Mikhail Vasilevich Lomonosov. For the first time, a joint Russian-Chinese university will be opened, and will be based in Shenzhen.

On May 6th, took place the opening of the main building complex of Moscow State University-BPU (Beijing Polytechnic University), which was attended by the Rector of the Moscow State University Viktor Sadovnichy and State Duma Speaker Sergei Naryshkin. Also, the layout has been presented for the construction of the complex, which is scheduled for completion at the end of 2018. It will be located on the territory of 34 hectares with a total area of 280 thousand square meters. During this meeting, a memorial stone has been put in honor of the opening of the university complex. “This University is a precedent, since it is a joint university and it will have the right to issue the MSU diplomas. Academic staff will be sent mostly from universities and the courses at the university will be conducted in Chinese, English and Russian languages “- as explained by Sadovnichy. Every year, the joint University plans to host 300-500 people. It is planned that in the future the total number of students will be increased to five thousand students. This university will be able to complete all educational levels, such as undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate courses, up to awarding of the academic degrees. Graduates will also be held in the practice of the largest corporations in Russia and China.

At the meeting, it was also signed a memorandum of understanding between the Moscow State Lomonosov University and one of the leading technology corporations, HUAWEI China. And, on the basis of this document, the parties will mutually cooperate for the development of information systems of the Moscow State University, the modern technological environment, and the introduction of advanced technology innovations. One of the important prospects planned is to create a Russian-Chinese innovation center, “Pearl River Delta”, and the Medical Center to be established on the basis of a joint university and which will focus on the issues of the integration of science and education. The opening of the joint International University was a significant event for Russia and China, and the news about this major event have been spread through the students in hope to enroll in the first year of the University. This step will be a revolutionary event in the history of Russian-Chinese relations, because it means more profound relationship between the two Countries, as well as the growing potential for the joint experts in various fields, exchange of experience and knowledge. Main and global objective of this project is “the creation of long-term strategic partnerships” – according to the Russian State Duma Chairman Sergei Naryshkin. This event is a big step towards co-operation and understanding between countries such as Russia and China, at the same time so culturally different and so close in their history. In the mind of Russian people, Moscow State University is a symbol of high quality of education and standard of the greatest professionalism. Any Russian person would like to join the ranks of the Moscow State University students. And disciplines that are taught at the Moscow State University widespread and have a large selection of choices, while some other universities have only one narrow specialization. Starting from high quality experts in jurisprudence, ending with the leading specialists in the field of science, physics, mathematics, humanities, and biochemistry fields. Thereby, Russia brings great scientific and potential contribution to China for the cultivation of advanced specialists in all fields of science and other excellent fields of knowledge. Moscow State University has its own subtleties and characteristics according to the method of training of specialists, and a special tactics, which can be approachable to the students. For all the Russians, it is not a secret that the majority of cases, for specialists of Moscow State University after graduation, it is not a big problem to find a job and find their place in life. Many well-known scientists and academics and experts have completed this famous university.

Following the cooperation mood, at the Moscow State University it has been opened a Confucius Institute as well. According to China’s State Councilor Liu Yandong: “The opening of this joint university will lead to progress and cooperation between the two countries. This Will have a significant and profound impact on progress. And it will help to strengthen friendly relations and exchange of cultures and languages of the two countries “, Liu Yandong commented at the time of her last visit to Russia, attending the opening ceremony of the Confucius Institute of Moscow State University. In the Mariinsky Palace also happened the official signing of the agreement between the governments of Russia and China on the implementation of the program of activities and Years of Friendly Youth Exchanges between Russia and China in 2014-2015. The document was signed by Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets and Vice Premier of the State Council Liu Yandong – as Interfax reported.

Following this cooperation plan, six among the most famous universities of the world also plan to open in Shenzhen. Thus, here the plan is to settle universities of Melbourne (Australia), Queensland (Australia), Berkeley (USA), Rochester (USA), Copenhagen (Denmark). Furthermore, other universities are already preparing their projects from Germany and Glasgow (United Kingdom) Universities.

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