Industry 4.0 in Vietnam

Industry 4.0 is currently taking place in developed countries such as the US, Europe as well as parts of Asia, along with many opportunities and challenges. Generally speaking, Industry 4.0 is a smart production revolution, based on the breakthroughs of digital technology to grow rapidly in all fields, from agriculture, engineering to e-commerce, medicine and education.

More specifically, Industry 4.0 will take place in 3 main areas including Biotechnology, Cyber Physical Systems and most importantly, Digitalization, in which, the core elements of Digital development will be: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data.

Following the general development path of the world, Vietnam has started to perform many fundamental changes with the purpose of building a development strategy for this revolution. According to Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, Vietnam should first determine its position on the path of development through the evaluation of it’s economic situation, as well as the application of new technologies, domestic science and technology.   In addition, the country must also study the development strategies of other countries, in order to find similarities from which to build a suitable model for Vietnam.

In that spirit, the legislature is aiming to build a proper legal framework and investment policies together with training a civil workforce to match the development of Industry 4.0. Moreover, many high quality products have also been introduced by technology companies, for example: VinFast has signed cooperation agreements with leading industrial corporations around the world in order to produce a wide range of products such as electric scooters, cars, electric cars, electric buses and many other products in this vein.

At the exhibition “Industry 4.0 Summit 2018“, many outstanding products were also on display including: A robot arm controlled by touch, smart farm simulation devices; Payment technology via QR code; an AI camera system; an automatic face recognition system; an automatic answering system (chatbot) etc.

With many difficulties ahead, Industrial Revolution 4.0 could bring undeniable development opportunities thus bringing Vietnam closer to international standards.