Four basic forms of a “Full-view kitchen”

In order to implement the supervision on the food and beverage quality (the so called “food security”) as well as to improve the awareness of self-discipline in preparing dishes for clients, it has been implementing, by the China Food and Drug Administration, a new measure called “full-view kitchen”. It means that the restaurants, the catering services, the canteens are requested to adopt one of the following four basic kinds of kitchen and this will make possible to their clients to overview the food processing and results.

The “open kitchen”: a low wall will divide the kitchen room and the dining space as to form an “open kitchen” in order to let all the cooking operations be under the direct supervision of the clients. This model applies to small catering service units.

The “transparent kitchen”: catering units will use glass curtain wall in setting the restaurant corridor and the windows, so that consumers can directly watch the food and beverage production process. The “transparent kitchen” model is suitable for large restaurant, central kitchens, collective dining distribution units and various types of cafeterias.

The “video kitchen”: as the name itself shows, a camera will be installed in the kitchen and some electronic displays will be set in dining halls, private rooms and billing halls to show the kitchen food processing directly. This model is suitable for medium and large types of catering service units and canteens.

The “network kitchen”: through the “drug security food” social platform and the use of personal mobile phone, the client will be able to monitor in real-time the catering service and food processing in the kitchen.
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