Foreign Employment in Vietnam

Vietnam has become the hot land for foreign investment, according to Foreign Investment Bureau of Ministry of Planning and Investment ofVietnam thedirect foreign investment to Vietnam from January to September 2017 has reached a record high of 25.48 billion dollars, increase by 13.4%. Naturally this means more and more foreign enterprises and employee have entered Vietnam and the first issue faced by them is employment. We will briefly introduce the employment situation in Vietnam for foreign enterprises and employee.

According to Investment Law and Labor Law of Foreign Enterprise in Vietnam, foreign enterprises are entitled to employ local laborer via local agency, adjust the quantity of employee based on operation state and relevant regulations; employer and employee should enter into formal labor contract.

If foreign enterprise intends to dismiss employee with employment history of over 12 months, proper training shall be organized by the employer for the employee to facilitate employee’s job hunting.

In general, foreign laborer needs to meet following requirements to work in Vietnam:

a)  Aged over 18; b) physically able to work, have healthy certificate; c) excel in technical or management area, which should be certified by said foreign country; d) no criminal records, certified by said foreign country; e) holder of the work permit issued by Vietnam authority for over 3 months.

In order to facilitate economic developments, Vietnam has made exceptions regarding the work permit, following personnel will not need work permit:

a) Company board members, general manager, vice general manager, manager, vice manager;

b) Representative of representative office and leadership of branch based in Vietnam; c) Lawyer with professional permit issued by Vietnam Justice Department.

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