One of the questions of pet owners in China is the travelling with pet from China to other countries. This process is required some time, but it is real. In this article would cover the journey from China to Russia.

Step 1. Chipping and vaccination (1.5 months before the departure date)

The procedures of chipping and vaccination are carried out by the owner of the animal in a veterinary clinic. To be chipped the animal shall have the registration.

Pet vaccination can be carried out simultaneously with procedure of chipping. To go through the border your pet would require to have following vaccinations:

  • Cats – Rabies (狂犬), Distemper (猫瘟热), Hepatitis (肝炎), Viral Enteritis (病毒性肠炎), Parvovirus and Adenovirus Infections (猫细小病毒,腺病毒感染), Leptospirosis (细螺旋体病);
  • Dogs – Rabies (狂犬) and Panleukopenia (泛白细胞减少症).

After the vaccination the veterinary shall give you a Vaccination Booklet (疫苗免疫本) with marks for all vaccinations.

Step 2. Pet Health Examination (1 week before the flight date)

At least 30 days after the vaccination follows the procedure of Pet Health Examination. It is included in Entry-Exit Sanitary System and shall be done in an authorized public veterinary clinic.

In case of successful Pet Health Examination, the veterinary clinic sends the examination results to PRC Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (中华人民共和国出入境检验检疫) and give to the pet owner special Notice (领证回执).

Step 3. Animal Health Certificate (1 day before the flight date)

On the date specified in the Notice (usually 4-5 days after the date of Animal Health Examination) the pet owner would need to go to the Local Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and obtain the Animal Health Certificate (动生证书). This document confirms the compliance of the animal with all necessary requirements for its export and valid for 2-5 days.

Step 4. Animals Inspection and Quarantine Certificate (1 day before the flight date)

Certificate of Inspection and Quarantine (检验检疫证书) is required only where the pet is transported within the China. It is issued by the local Health Supervision Department (动生监督所) and remain valid only for 2 days.

Step 5. Russian Custom Examination

To successfully pass the customs inspection, in addition to the originals, you should have a translation into Russian of Certificate of Animal Health Certificate (动生证书), Vaccination Booklet (疫苗免疫本) and other specific documents. The special cases where the pet differs from dog/cat or specific type of dogs/cats other documents could be required. Therefore, it is better to verify with the custom authorities the concrete list of the documents that is required for the pet. The good news is that, as the rule, Russian custom does not prescribe for the pet quarantine.

Shall you have any enquiry, please don’t hesitate to contact us via and good luck in a journey with your pet!