During one of the hottest season for the international design in Shanghai, “Italian Design Icons” is going to celebrate the universal excellence in the Italian way of living: the Italian design and the “Dolce Vita” lifestyle, a new way to see how Italian design is a key contributor to a balanced life from different perspectives.  A wonderful collection of top acclaimed design brands that have strongly influenced the design of products and the lifestyle of millions worldwide, for the first time, together, celebrating the Italian design, lifestyle and excellence. From a D’Andrea & Partners’ idea, together with the venue Condé Nast Center (398, Huaihai Road – Danshui Road, 3rd floor), top brands from furniture to luxury cars, from food to design will show their icons. Among them: Maserati, Technogym, Smeg, Poltrona Frau, iGuzzini, Elica, Vega, Hardy  and Pepsi. A part from the exhibition, keynote speeches with designers, architects and art directors from all over the world and an event with authorities will make this three day event an incomparable occasion to share the Italian excellence and uniqueness.



Nov. 19th

3.00 pm: “Italian design in the kitchen”,  Matteo Oppici, COO, Euroidea Smeg China

3.45 pm: “Product design”, Gianmauro Vella, Head of Design, PepsiCo greater China

4.30 p.m: “Ethic design and social innovation”, Avril Accolla, Design Director and co-founder,  IDI Italian Designed Innovation Ltd

5.30 pm: “ZWYN | Powered by Technogym”, Guido Romagnoli, Technogym VP Sales APAC Branches, together with architect Andreas Thomczyk, anySCALE, and ZWYN founder TDZ

Nov. 20th

3.00 pm: “Blending Italian and Anglosaxon Design to drive innovation in any region of the world”, Mauro Porcini, SVP/CDO PepsiCo

4.00 p.m: press and VIP event

Nov. 21th

Visit from 10 am to 6.30 pm


For more information, please visit our website http://www.italiandesignicons.com/