As businesses expand and grow, the need for legal advice and representation becomes even more vital. However, opening a new office or moving to a new location can be a challenging task which will require the hiring of a lawyer provide in order to provide invaluable assistance throughout the process. Our team of experts offers personalized and comprehensive services to ensure that your company's relocation or scouting process runs smoothly.

From identifying ideal locations to negotiating leases and conducting site visits, we are  your partner for all your relocation and scouting needs. Let us help you make the right move and take your business to the next level.

Our assistance in relocation and scouting services, includes the following aspects:

·         Analyzing relevant laws and regulations and understanding the legal framework surrounding a potential relocation or expansion, such as labor laws, environmental regulations, and tax implications;

·         Reviewing existing contracts and agreements that the company has with vendors, employees, or landlords to ensure that they comply with the relevant laws and regulations;

·         Conduct research and analysis of potential locations for the company's relocation or expansion, including considerations such as accessibility, zoning, and economic incentives;

·         Negotiating with local authorities in order to obtain permits, approvals, or incentives from local governments or agencies;

·         Drafting and negotiating real estate contracts should the company require to lease, purchase, or sell real estate as part of the relocation or expansion, our attorneys at law shall draft the necessary contracts and negotiate the terms with the other parties involved;

·         Negotiating assistance regarding the Memorandum of Investment, which in certain emerging countries is a very important part of the negotiation process, not only in the setting up of new entities but also in relocating to other areas for business needs.

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