As the legal landscape becomes increasingly complex and dynamic, businesses face a growing array of legal challenges that can impact their operations. In order to stay ahead, businesses need to have a deep understanding of the legal frameworks that govern their internal systems. We specialize in providing training on a wide range of corporate legal fields, designed to help our clients navigate the complex and ever-changing legal landscape.

With our services, our clients can ensure that their business operations are not only running smoothly, but to the best of their potential. We provide the following packages of legal training services to address common legal issues for your company’s investment and daily business activities:

·         IPR Retrieval and Protection Package:

Intellectual property rights (“IPR”) are undoubtedly a core asset of any enterprise, the protection of which requires preliminary procedures to be duly and accurately performed. This is particularly the case of China, considering that in the country the system of protection of IPR is based on the principle “first to file, first to use”, in accordance to which a conflict on IP ownership is normally addressed based on the priority of the filing rather than its actual use, which may be protected per se.

The objective of this package is therefore to ensure that the IPR of the enterprise are fully and duly protected towards any third party and that the owner may refer to the various protection remedies offered in the jurisdiction.

·         Internal Corporate Compliance Review Package:

Corporate Compliance is sometimes under-evaluated by the companies during their daily operation. The executives and managers may believe that the compliance level of the company is adequate and there is no need to implement further activities until accident happens. A Compliance check is much like the health check which we do regularly every year, it’s not something you do once and can cover your whole life period. Therefore, a periodical internal corporate compliance screening can help the company to individuate the problems in the early stage and focus on finding a proper solution consequently.


·         HR Upgrade and Labor Compliance Package:

Human Resources management plays a critical role in the overall success of an organization. By navigating the complexities of the requirements, HR compliance helps mitigate an organization’s risk and avoid penalties, fines, and even lawsuits, all of which erode consumer trust and damage reputations. With the HR Compliance audit and upgrade package, we help clients to check all of their human resource documents to make sure they are in line with the laws and regulations, as well as to upgrade such documents in order to better protect the company’s interest and avoid labor disputes and risks.

·         Commercial Contracts Formats Upgrade Package:

A Commercial Contracts Formats Upgrade supports companies to have a general overview of the internal company contracts status – also taking into consideration the company’s business model – and consisting of all levels of commercial contract, either with third parties, subsidiaries or even with the mother company.

Upon the preliminary overview, in which we will review the existing contract types and contents, we will assist you in upgrading those considered lacking in certain elements and drafting those missing where deemed necessary.

·         EHS Upgrade and Compliance Package:

Environment, Health and Safety (hereinafter referred as to “EHS”), is a corporate management system that integrates the concepts of environmental protection, sustainable development and occupational safety. From the perspective of corporate external investment and/or M&A transactions, if the pre-investment due diligence fails to effectively identify the EHS compliance issues and risks of the subject company, the subject company will likely bear unanticipated costs of error correction, administrative penalties, and ESG management enhancement after the investment, which may seriously damage the business value of the transaction itself and fail to meet investors' expectations.

We work closely with clients to understand their business processes, operations, and goals, then develop customized solutions that help clients meet regulatory requirements and minimize risks associated with non-compliance, playing a critical role in helping clients achieve EHS compliance and upgrade their environmental, health and safety practices.

·         Corporate Criminal and Anti-Fraud Compliance Packages:

We provide advice and representation related to risk assessments, compliance reviews, compliance programs, investigations, and civil and criminal enforcement matters and associated civil claims, while offering clients the benefit of seamless coordination among multiple offices and practice areas to address their needs.

Our local law experience and language skills in numerous countries allows for efficient and cost-effective representation. We have also built a track record of working closely with an company’s internal legal, audit and management teams, reducing costs and minimizing the disruption that results from investigations.

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