D’Andrea & Partners Legal Counsel has extensive experience in both judicial litigation and arbitration, with our attorneys at law admitted to the relevant bar associations around the world. Such experience is based on profound knowledge of law, latest case publications and knowing how to evaluate the evidence which its clients possess.


At D’Andrea & Partners, we have a strong team of local lawyers and partners who will be able to assist you over the course of any dispute, whether it be based in the local courts of the jurisdiction or in any of the major international arbitration centers based around the world, with particular emphasis to China, India and Italy as well as all of the other countries in which our firm has a presence. Additionally, our attorneys of law may represent our client and provide our services in a multitude of different languages.


As our Firm has specific expertise in international arbitration, we make good use of our strong collaborations with law firms internationally in order to accompany our clients in any court or arbitration proceedings around the world.


D’Andrea & Partners is able to provide legal services in any kind of dispute in the areas of corporate, finance and commerce, M&A, intellectual property rights, and also labor law.


The experts of D’Andrea & Partners Legal Counsel give great importance to the pre-trial phases, (e.g.) negotiation out of court in order to obtain the best protection of the clients’ rights at this stage. In doing so, the Firm tries to avoid costly litigation processes where an amicable and favorable solution for the clients is possible.

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