As companies increasingly rely on digital tools and technology, cybersecurity and data compliance have become critical concerns for businesses operating globally. Companies and their directly responsible executives and relevant responsible personnel who fail to abide by the provisions on cybersecurity and data protection, may face administrative penalties such as prohibiting them from serving as directors, supervisors, senior managers within a certain period of time, warning, fine, suspension of business, revocation of business license, and bear civil liability, even face criminal punishment.

To help mitigate these risks and ensure compliance, our firm is armed with specialized expertise in cybersecurity and data compliance, offering a range of services, including:

·         Review of the company’s rules and policy for cybersecurity and data protection;

·         Draft/update documents for cybersecurity and data protection in HR management;

·         Assist in the preparation and update for the data protection clauses in the daily business operation contracts, including supply contracts, purchase contracts, service contracts, etc.;

·         Analysis of the legal responsibilities for management personnel and potential legal liabilities;

·         Introduction of a general framework and development plan for cybersecurity and data protection.

In addressing these challenges proactively, companies can reduce their risk of cyber attacks, protect their confidential information, and maintain compliance with the relevant laws. With the potential costs of a data breach or other cyber incident so high, this investment in cybersecurity and data compliance is critical for any company operating globally.

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