As companies navigate through the complexities and ever-changing landscape of laws, regulations, and policies, it becomes increasingly important for them to establish and maintain legal compliance in a multitude of legal areas (e.g. HR, corporate law), especially in emerging countries such as China, India and Vietnam to name but a few.


Legal compliance not only helps companies avoid legal penalties and reputational damages but also enhances their overall business performance. With the help of legal compliance services, companies can ensure that they are operating within the boundaries of the law and adhering to best practices. Legal compliance is a fundamental aspect of running a successful company, and companies need the support of experienced attorneys at law to help them navigate this complex area with maximum ease and certainty.


At D’Andrea & Partners our comprehensive compliance policies and programs and provide ongoing advice and support to ensure that they remain in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, including assisting you in the following internal and external procedures:


·         Understanding and researching the laws and regulations related to specifics matters;

·         Advising clients on best practices to reduce risks and/or costs;

·         Reviewing and/or drafting the Human Resource documents, including but not limited to the Employee Handbook, Labor Contract, Service Term Agreement of clients;

·         Drafting of the Standard operation procedure for Anti Bribery behavior and conduct;

·         Assisting clients in drafting internal policies;

·         Regulatory compliance assessments and audits;

·         Training and education programs for employees on compliance issues;

·         Compliance monitoring and reporting;


These services may vary depending on the specific practice areas and focus of the company.

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