Our services aim to provide our clients with comprehensive legal support to draft and review commercial agreements, manage legal risks, and protect their interests.

Our team of experienced attorneys at law provides expert counsel and guidance to clients in various industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, technology, real estate, etc. as well as in countries/regions across the world, including China, India, Vietnam, Italy, the UAE, Hong Kong as well as other emerging economies across the world, ensuring that all commercial agreements align with the specific objectives, requirements, and limitations of our clients in different jurisdictions.

The oldest theory of contract is I think negative”, Frederick Pollock once said. In business, the writing of a contract is crucial in order to avoid problems for your company. D’Andrea & Partners is at your side in negotiating, drafting and reviewing your business contracts.


The terms and conditions of a company’s commercial contracts can significantly impact the profitability and sustainability of their business. Therefore, we offer expert commercial contract review services to help ensure that your contracts are legally sound, properly drafted, and comply with relevant laws and regulations, while mitigating any risks.

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