From April 8th 2016, new tax policy of the import duties on luggage and postal articles comes into effects. China’s Ministry of Finance published a list of more than1,000 imported items that will be subject to the new tax policy, which includes food, infants products, home appliances, cosmetics, clothing, shoes, etc.

The import duties on luggage and postal articles will be charged by Customs when we travel abroad back with some stuffs or when our friends send us some presents oversea.

According to the new tax policy, for resident passengers who bring in duty-free articles for personal use worth a total of RMB 5,000 nothing has changed; however, for integral piece goods, the tax shall be decided according to the full amount of price. Meanwhile the rate of it changes from 4 different rate (10%, 20%, 30%, 50%) to 3 (15%, 30%, 60%).

With the implementation of the new tax policy, Customs are strengthening inspection of the luggages.

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