If you are a foreigner looking for the opportunity to work in Vietnam long term, obtaining both a work permit and a residence permit are of paramount importance.

Work Permit Procedures

In order to apply for a work permit in Vietnam, besides the ordinary requirements such as good health which meets the standards fit for employment, a civilian and not liable for any criminal prosecutions. In certain cases a foreign employee may also need to submit documents to prove that he or she is a manager, chief executive officer, expert or qualified technician, who has an appropriate certificate and has worked in that position for a certain period of time.

Enterprises which intend to hire foreign employees in Vietnam shall submit the application for the work permit at least 15 days before the day the employee commences work. In addition, the duration of the work permit shall not exceed 2 years.

No Work Without A Work Permit

In most cases, a foreigner needs to obtain a work permit in order to work in Vietnam. However, as the Vietnamese government welcomes foreign investors, non-governmental organizations as well as enterprises to invite high-quality experts and employees to work in Vietnam, foreigners in certain cases may be exempted from work permits. Particular examples of such individuals include, an individual who holds the reins of the enterprise (as member of the Board of Directors of a joint stock company, the capital contributing member or the owner of the liability company); experts that enter Vietnam for less than 3 months and foreign students studying in Vietnam.

Residence in Vietnam

If you are a foreigner who wishes to have a stable career in Vietnam, it’s highly recommended to apply for a residence permit. In most cases, the duration of the certificate of temporary residence is the same as the duration of the visa. However, investors and foreign employees may get a 12 months residence permit, with the option to extend.

With an approximate 7% increase of annual GDP , Vietnam is proving to be a growing, active market for foreign enterprises, along with experts and managers in all fields present and committed to the country’s development.